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The Brew

Savor the rich complexity of The Bruery’s flagship bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout. With strong notes of vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate, and oak, this stout is a sophisticated blend that's so unique, it deserves its own day of the week.

Black Tuesday 2014-2019

Black Tuesday 2014-2019 Imperial Stout

brewer The Bruery style American Imperial Stout abv 19.4% notes Vanilla, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Singed Oak
 The Brewery

The Bruery began with Patrick Rue's passion for beer and a desire to explore its endless possibilities. From his kitchen, he embarked on a journey to create something unique and fascinating. With a team of exceptional brewers, including the renowned Master Cicerone, they strive to challenge preconceived notions about beer through unwavering creativity, unmatched expertise, and constant innovation.