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The Brew

Like its namesake, the elusive Stealth aircraft, this Imperial Stout harbors an enigma within its depths. Crafted meticulously with rich molasses and spicy rye, then aged in luxurious bourbon barrels, this stout is a cryptic marvel waiting to be explored.

Darkstar November 2017-2019

Darkstar November 2017-2019 Imperial Stout

brewer Bottle Logic style Russian Imperial Stout abv 14.8% notes Molasses, Rye, Chocolate Oak, Bourbon, Vanilla
The Brewery

Bottle Logic Brewing, based in Orange County, California, is known for its innovative approach to craft beer since 2014. They've made a name for themselves with unique, flavor-packed brews, particularly their standout barrel-aged stouts. Alongside their impressive beer collection, Bottle Logic fosters a friendly community atmosphere, hosting regular events and maintaining a vibrant tasting room. They're not just a brewery, but a hub for beer lovers seeking new and exciting experiences.