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Yaamava' Price


The Brew

Playing on the iconic cult-classic movie Spaceballs, this fruit-infused Imperial Stout will have you saying, “There's only one brewery who would dare give me the raspberry: Bottle Logic!” Go Ludicrous Speed through galaxies of flavor, richly enhanced with luxurious cacao nibs and a vibrant medley of black and red raspberries. 

Partagas 160 Series: Robusto Major Vintage 1977

Bottle Logic's Jam the Radar Stout

brewer Bottle Logic style American Imperial Stout abv 13.7% notes Chocolate Truffle, Raspberry Jam, Cacao Nibs
The Brewery

Bottle Logic Brewing, based in Orange County, California, is known for its innovative approach to craft beer since 2014. They've made a name for themselves with unique, flavor-packed brews, particularly their standout barrel-aged stouts. Alongside their impressive beer collection, Bottle Logic fosters a friendly community atmosphere, hosting regular events and maintaining a vibrant tasting room. They're not just a brewery, but a hub for beer lovers seeking new and exciting experiences.