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The Brew

This hazy-colored wild ale from Lost Abbey is not like other sour beers you’ve had. It combines barrel-aged brew with the traditional funk of a sour ale for a flavor combination you won’t soon forget. Hop the Cable Care and come on down to 547 Haight Street.

Cable Car

Lost Abbey's Cable Car American Wild Ale

brewer Lost Abbey style American Wild Ale abv 7% notes Malt, Sour Citrus, Oak, All-Spice, Clove
 The Brewery

Founded in 2006 in San Marcos, California, Lost Abbey Brewery stands out in the craft beer world for its unique spins on traditional Belgian-style ales and its array of barrel-aged and sour beers. Known for their innovative brewing, they've garnered multiple awards and global recognition. From strong ales to crisp lagers, Lost Abbey beers are marked by their quality, creativity, and flavor complexity