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The Cigar

Prepare to savor an unparalleled and aged experience that transcends time itself. This vintage selection from the iconic and beloved cigar brand in the U.S. spanned only four distinguished years—1979, 1984, 1988, and 1993. Meticulously aged for a full four years, the wrapper boasts a distinctive silky texture, while the remarkable age of this cigar, now 35 years old from production and an additional four years of aging, culminates in an extraordinary 41-year-old masterpiece.

1988 Macanudo Vintage Collection: #2 Lonsdale

1988 Macanudo Vintage Collection: #2 Lonsdale

group Rare & Hard to Find profile Mild wrapper Connecticut Shade Wrap Creamy Vanilla, Oak, Tangerine, Smoked Wood, Hay
The Maker 

Established in Jamaica in 1868 and now headquartered in the Dominican Republic, Macanudo stands as a testament to the art of crafting fine cigars. Known for its consistent quality and smooth, mellow flavors, Macanudo has become a go-to choice for both the novice smoker and the seasoned aficionado. The brand's meticulous selection of tobaccos, careful aging, and masterful blending have resulted in a range of cigars that deliver an unmatched smoking experience.