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The Cigar

The Arturo Fuente Don Carlos: "The Man" Robusto is a premium cigar renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship and rich flavor profile. It features a medium-to-full body with notes of cedar, spice, and earth, offering a refined and enjoyable smoking experience..

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos: “The Man” Robusto

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos: “The Man” Robusto

group Limited-Seasonal Collection profile Medium-Full wrapper Camaroon Wrap Raisins, Nuttiness, Barnyard, Cedar, Chocolate, Orange Peel, Acidic Coffee
The Maker 

Founded in 1912 by a passionate Cuban immigrant, Arturo Fuente is a premier cigar brand that has woven over a century of meticulous craftsmanship into its legacy. The Fuente family's resilience has seen them overcome multiple adversities, from factory fires to political upheaval, only to emerge stronger and more committed to their art. The revolutionary creation of the first Dominican Puro in the 1980s not only established Arturo Fuente as a leader in the industry but also marked the Dominican Republic as a significant tobacco-growing region. Choosing Arturo Fuente means joining a rich, enduring legacy of resilience, craftsmanship, and passion for excellence, crafted and nurtured through four generations.