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Hardy Distillery Cognac Collection

The Collection

Founded in 1863, the Hardy Distillery produces a variety of the most lavish Cognac brandy in the industry. The distillery is located in the Crouin quarter of Cognac, France, in which Hardy’s traditional production methods stand true. Known as the Haute Couture of Cognac, Hardy is dedicated to delivering cognac of supreme luxury and presented in an elevated design of LALIQUE and Daum crystal.

s1001 A. Hardy L’Ete, 40.0%

s1001 A. Hardy L’Ete

s1000 A. Hardy L’Automne, 40.0%

s1000 A. Hardy L’Automne

s1003 A. Hardy L’Hiver, 40.0%

s1003 A. Hardy L’Hiver

s1004 A. hardy Perfection Lumiere, 41.0%

s1004 A. hardy Perfection Lumiere