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The Last Drop Distillers 50 Year Selection

The Collection

Originating in London, The Last Drop Distillers curate the world’s finest collection of spirits across the varieties of Scotch whiskey, rum, bourbon, Cognac, and Port. Tom Jago and James Espey OBE, idols of the spirits industry, founded The Last Drop in 2008 to discover the world’s best-hidden spirits. The Last Drop is dedicated to perfection, rejecting 95% of any spirit they’re offered, and only releasing a spirit after a maturity of at least forty years. 


s145 The Last Drop Glenrothes 1970 50 Year Cask no. 10589


s601 The Last Drop Double Matured 50 Year


s602 The Last Drop Colin Scott Blend 50 Year


s869 The Last Drop XIX Kentucky Straight Bourbon Buffalo Trace 1980


s870 The Last Drop XIII Kentucky Straight Bourbon Buffalo Trace 1982


s1403 The Last Drop Release no 20, 1976 Very Old Jamaican Rum


s719 The Last Drop Release no. 25 Japanese Hanyu Blended Malt Whisky