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The Bottle

With a sparse 125 bottles known to man, the Tomatin 50 Year Single Malt is a rare encounter for the dedicated spirit lover. Distilled in 1971 and aged in an Orosol Sherry hogshead, the striking blend evokes a history of strength and luxury in every sip.

 Tomatin 50 Year

Limited Edition Tomatin 50 Year Malt

color Deep Amber nose Tropical Fruits, Nutty Warmth, Oloroso Sherry, Dark Chocolate & Honey taste Fresh Orange & Citrus, Dried Fruit & Spice finish Velvety and luxurious with a lingering sweetness and light mouthfeel
The Distillery 

The Tomatin Distillery is settled along River Findhorn of the mystic Scottish Highlands. Originating in 1897, it is speculated that the region viewed whisky production as central to their way of life as early as the 1700s. Today, Tomatin is known for its unique craftsmanship and experimentation with techniques to advance the single malt world and provide world-class experiences for those lucky enough to find a bottle.