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The Bottle

This bottle is handcrafted using two casks, both aged 50 years, to ensure a truly exceptional sipping experience. A tribute to the children of William Grant and their dedication to helping create Glenfiddich, this bottle is something meant to be celebrated. 

Glenfiddich | 50 Year

Glenfiddich 50 Year Old Whiskey

color Pale Gold nose Rose, Violets, Green Leaf Tobacco, Oak & Smoke taste Orange Marmalade, Vanilla Toffee, Herbs, Floral, Oak & Smoke finish Long, with Dry Oak & Peat
The Distillery 

Built stone-by-stone and completely by hand, William Grant set out to craft the “best dram in the valley” in 1886. Almost 150 years later, it is one of the few single malt distilleries to still be family-owned and operated. In 1930, nine casks were laid down to age in honor of Grant’s nine children who helped see his dream through. It was from these casks that the first 50-year bottle was collected. Today, the name Glenfiddich signifies exquisite experiences, carrying on Grant’s original dream of crafting the best scotch in the valley.